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What Happens When A Marketing Guy Learns To Code…

As the name and headline suggests, I specialize in marketing and pricing analytics.

I had the idea for this domain name a couple of years ago and snagged it. Didn’t actually bother to start putting anything on it until I started doing python talks for PyATL a year ago. Content started piling up after that.

Have statistics package, will travel.. Will pontificate for food…

Official FAQ

  • What’s This Learn to Code Business?

After wandering in the business wilderness for many years, I was tasked with doing some boring data-slinging tasks as part of a pricing program. My response was to automate this drudgery with a macro. A year or so later, I wound up as the pricing cop for a large block of business – where the sales guys had mastered the art of making my predecessor run in circles. Since I dislike running, let alone running in circles, I created my first GUI application in an effort to simplify my life.

After that, the cat was out of the bag. I learned Python and Javascript, mastered SQL, and picked up enough about PHP, HTML, CSS, and bash to be dangerous. I settled on Python and R as my primary toolset at work, supplemented by Oracle’s analytics functions and statistics library. My web framework of choice for personal projects is bottle.py although I use PHP, Jquery, and WordPress as needed…

Incidentally, any opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the opinions of my employer, family members, pets, or internet forum sock puppets. Particularly the latter.

Anything else?

I’m a secret liberal arts guy – second degree in history and it was my favorite subject in school. Particularly cliometrics.

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