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    Have you ever asked "How Much Should My Website Make?"

    We built this website revenue calculator to give you an easy way to understand how much your traffic is worth. Enter some information about your site: what you offer, who your audience is, how you monetize, and what your traffic looks like. The model will generate a revenue target based on similar websites; statistics are based on the data we gathered in our website revenue study.

    This model also generates recommendations on you should focus your efforts to increase your profits. This will suggest ideas on everything from traffic generation to alternative monetization strategies. We will be regularly adding new content to the recommendation engine, so bookmark us and check back regularly to get the latest updates and ideas.

    For those of you who like to build new websites, this calculator can be used to estimate the potential profit from your ideas. To see how much your site will generate with different assumptions, change the option and hit the button. If you want to figure out how much someone else might pay for your project if you sold it on flippa or another exchange, check out our website value calculator.